Why Struth Copywriting?

Hi there! This is our first blog on our first website in our kind-of-first business. With four kids, a psycho cat and nearly 30 years of knowing each other, we’ve worked on lots of stuff together, but we’ve never actually work-worked in a business together. So, here we are….. Welcome to Struth Copywriting.

Why Struth?
Evolution. I’m Ruth. Until I was 10 I lived in the UK where I was called Ruth. I didn’t even have a middle name as, for some unfathomable reason, my mum didn’t believe in them. So that was me, plain Ruth. My family moved to Australia in 1983 and, over subsequent years, I became Ru, Ruthie, Doofus, Oof and Struth. A couple of people still call me Ruthie and one dear friend still calls me Oof, but Struth was the nickname that stuck.

Struth circa 1989. Writing high school style.

Steve is Steve. He’s sometimes a Stevie but not too many people call him that. He is, however, quite a witty man and when we moved in together he created our first email address as struth@whereveritwasbackthen.com

Struth is Steve and Ruth put together, it’s Australian and it’s us.

Mr and Mrs Struth

Struth Life
We took a gamble when our eldest child was little, with Steve leaving paid employment to work as a freelance operator in the entertainment industry. His business name was Struth Productions – we thought it was funny coz he was busy working on event productions while I was busy producing kids.

Again, evolution occurred and Steve moved from freelancing, to working as a successful business owner in the Event Production, Broadcast and Entertainment industries; a commitment which involved lots of travel, long days and a significant attachment to his phone and laptop. I discovered a well of patience I never knew I had (often fueled by wine and chats with my girlfriends), survived toddlerhood x four and, eighteen months ago, finally sent our youngest off to school, all while volunteering, working part-time and writing whenever I could.

The Little Struths

Last year, Steve sold his business and life changed again. After a few months of deliberation, planning and studying, we decided to take the plunge and create our own business, working side by side and combining our individual passions and skills. Thus, Struth Copywriting was born.

So – we are Struth. Through Struth Copywriting, we work together to support others in developing better commercial communication and relationships. We’re looking forward to the next evolution of Struth and we can’t wait to see what our future holds.


Ruth and Steve

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