We’re Bringing Sexy Back

Post eight of a thirteen-part series exploring Ruth’s makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

Arriving at the studio, boots in hand, we were ready to ditch our sneakers and embrace the experience of strutting our stuff in our concert shoes. Megan warned us last week that wearing heels feels very different, and our centre of balance will change. So, we thought it was high time to get some practice in.

It was fab-u-lous! Putting on a pair of boots changed everything. Initially we were all freaking out, thinking we’d stumble or look ridiculous, but the opposite happened.

We were sexy-walking, hip-swinging, sassy dance goddesses.

The three-inch heels made us feel ten feet taller as we threw our shoulders back, sucked in our guts (professionally known as ‘tightening your core’) and owned the studio floor. Dancing the chorey as it’s meant to be danced was so much fun!

The Boogie-Babes rehearsing in boots and hats.

Sadly, we had to go back to sneakers to focus on dance two. The girls learned the start of it last week, so I had a bit of catching up to do. Just like the first song, this one’s a secret, but I can tell you that the dance is fast and fun, with a fair bit of spice thrown in. Again, the steps themselves are relatively simple, (Megan knows our limits), but there’s lots of attitude required.

I’m hoping that being in costume, with sparkly make-up and amazing hair, means we’ll be able to channel our inner divas.

I’m looking forward to meeting mine. Maybe I need to give her a name? I see her as being kind of like an imaginary friend who will help me to be vivacious on stage.

I think the support we Boogie-babes give each other will definitely help. (A glass of champers possibly won’t hurt either, although more than one could end in disaster!) As the weeks have passed, we’ve got to know each other so much better. In class, we’re way more relaxed, exchanging stories about our lives, and sharing our fears and expectations for our upcoming performance.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago, all the ladies went out for a drink after class. I would have loved to join them but, unfortunately, I had to race straight off to see my son’s basketball grand final. (They won – yay!) It’s pretty cool, when you think about it. We’re a random bunch of women who chose to take an adult dance class, yet we’ve all connected so well we actually want to hang out together and have a giggle.

I hope our inner divas get along, too! It’ll be fun to unleash them all in a few weeks.


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A thirteen part series exploring Ruth's makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

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