The day my daughters saved a thousand lives

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Early on New Year’s Day, the girls and I decided to leave our sleeping men-folk and take a stroll on the beach. We wandered, feet scuffing the water’s edge, wishing people a cheery ‘good morning’ and laughing at sniffy, waggy dogs. It was heavenly to relax with my kids, cocooned in a togetherness which doesn’t happen often enough in our stupidly busy lives.

While my brain soaked up the bliss, the girls rescued jellyfish.

A beautiful New Year’s Day

At least, that’s what they thought they were doing. A visit to ‘the google’ (as it’s known in our house thanks to Grandma) has shown that the jelly masses along the beach are actually the egg cases of sand snails. Regardless, the kids thought they were jellyfish eggs washed up on the shore and set about saving them, turfing as many as they could back into the sea.

The ‘jellyfish’ AKA sand snail egg sacks

It made me think.

According to my little environmentalists, jellyfish lay their eggs at sea. Sometimes, the eggs are washed up on the shore where they dry out, unable to hatch, and the potential jellyfish no longer exist. Just like us when the waves of life toss us around, leaving us gasping for breath. Washed up. Exhausted. With no obvious escape. When reaching our potential seems totally unattainable.

But all it can take is a helping hand. Recognition. Someone to lift us up and help us find our way back. Someone to see us struggling and give us a chance to try again.

Pippa saving lives

None of us live a life untouched by difficulty. Time and again, we can be swept away by waves of grief, sadness, hurt, anger, loss or fear. Tumbled into confusion. Trying to breathe when it seems impossible. Questioning, wondering, feeling alone.

But when we connect, it makes all the difference. Knowing someone cares. Someone who will take the time to show us the beauty and remind us of the happiness, strength, truth and love that exists all around us, even when we’re too tired to see it.


So, my beautiful daughters. Please continue to walk through life noticing when your fellow humans are curled up on the sand. Reach out your hand and rescue them with your touch of compassion. Help them to start again. Guide them to another chance. Another crack at making it through the waves. Allow them to swim freely and explore the oceans of their lives.

You just never know when a simple kindness might help to save a life.


Happy New Year from the Struth Girls

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