The Dance Break Broke Me

Post five of a thirteen-part series exploring Ruth’s makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

Tonight, we learned the ‘dance break’ section – bahahahahaha! Twice the speed, twice the steps, twice the sass. I have never laughed so much in my life. Just like when you’re challenged to pat your head and rub your tummy, it was so awkward!

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only person struggling.

When we arrive at the studio, we now greet each other like old friends. Everyone gets there early so we have time to chat about life, and gush over our teacher’s gorgeous toddler before he goes home. We have connected, even though some of us are gregarious and bubbly, while others are quieter and a bit shy.

Friendships form in funny places. I think the thing that bonds us, (other than our mutual lack of co-ordination), is the need for support. We are all new to the dance world, we’re all doing our best, and we’re all totally nervous about performing.

When we hit that stage in seven weeks, we’ve got to have each other’s backs.

I missed last week’s class and a quarter of the routine. It was posted on our facebook page but I had a super busy week and didn’t have (make?) time to practice. My Born to Boogie buddies were totally understanding, so, after a couple of run-throughs and a lot of giggles, I was up to speed. Until the dance break…..

As a shy young girl who moved between five primary schools across three countries, I developed a defence mechanism which pretty much consisted of ‘laugh at myself before someone else gets the chance’. Back then, this worked quite well to deter teasing. As an adult, I find it often helps break the ice in awkward situations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I put myself down, it’s more that I grin and say what I’m thinking, especially when I’m dying of embarrassment.

When I do this, other people invariably join in and share how they are feeling too. The dance break tonight broke me… clap, step, one arm down, swap arms, step right, bounce, feet together, double bounce, two more steps and back the other way. I just couldn’t get it, no matter how hard I tried. I was cross, frustrated, and felt like a fool, but I spoke up, laughing at my arm / leg confusion and, pretty quickly, everyone else was talking and laughing too. Tensions were released, fears were shared and support was offered until, eventually, we all figured it out.

Best make sure I check out the facebook video this week,

No excuses!


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A thirteen part series exploring Ruth's makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

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