The Battles of a Busy Mum

Post two of a thirteen-part series exploring Ruth’s makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

In typical busy-mum-style, I missed the first dance class because it was my gorgeous firstborn’s 16th birthday. Driving to the studio this week, my stomach was tied in knots; everyone else had already met and braved the ‘What the hell am I doing?’ nerves. Thankfully, my fellow Boogie-dancers were very friendly and welcoming. Initially, I thought they all knew each other, (it turns out they don’t), so I resorted to my usual chatterbox ways to hide my anxiety about what lay ahead.

There are seven of us. (Seven is my lucky number, so ‘superstitious me’ is happy about that.) We haven’t swapped stories, but I imagine we all have our own reasons for being there.

One lady told me that the best thing about the first class was that, for the hour, she wasn’t thinking about kids, work or her endless to-do list. She just focused on listening, learning and moving her body.

After my first session, I totally get it. Even though the steps were much easier than I thought they would be, it’s hard doing something alien, with a bunch of people you don’t know. It was definitely a mental work out.

It’s also hard, and somewhat confronting, to be looking at myself in the mirror for an hour. Seeing past the grey hairs and the body wobbles. Using the mirror as a dance tool, not a judgment about the muffin I scoffed at lunchtime.

Initially, all of us were fairly self-deprecating. It’s funny how women often put themselves down to help others feel at ease. Or to hide their fears. In reality, we’re a bunch of women doing something fun together. We’re probably all battling with self-confidence, body issues, lack of time, just trying to remember who we are when we’re not mum, taxi-driver, colleague or partner. It’s refreshing how honest and open everyone is. Lucky, because in a dance class there’s not really anywhere to hide!

Giggling connected us. Laughing at our knees cracking during warm-up, our lack of co-ordination, the constant confusion between left and right.

So far, the choreography is not difficult, but remembering it sure is! Doing the steps in time to the music, (and each other), is another issue altogether.  One move had us all in fits – it’s meant to be a sexy ‘come hither’ movement but we looked like a line of baby giraffes taking their first steps. Megan, our ever-encouraging teacher, insists we will ‘get it’ and, once we do, we’ll find the confidence to put our own spin on it and ‘own the stage’, sass and all. Right now, we’re just counting and laughing.


I can’t tell you what the song is coz it’s a big surprise for the show. We’re all sworn to secrecy. However, I can say that I’ve had a thing for cowboy boots since a trip to Vegas a few years ago…and it looks like I now have an excuse to buy some!!

See you next week!


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A thirteen part series exploring Ruth's makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

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