From Dork to Diva. A voyage of self-discovery through the power of dance

Post one of a thirteen-part series exploring Ruth’s makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

I’m way more at home on a basketball court than a dance floor, (unless it’s 1am and 80’s music is cranking). All four of my kids play basketball, three of them dance. Basketball is easy, we toddle along to the games, sit on the bleachers and call out encouraging words while gasbagging to other parents about the happenings in our lives. Dancing is even easier. I drop the kids off, have a quick chat to the other parents, then shoot off to the car to read, work or run errands before pick-up time. All very simple…..until I decided to face the challenge of Born to Boogie Dance Connection.

Born to Boogie is a twelve-week course for adults, (mainly women), which culminates in a stage performance. I’ve harboured secret fantasies of doing it for a while; I don’t think I ever really got over mum stopping my ballet classes when I was six. But I never actually thought I would take the plunge into the world of fishnets, sparkles and ‘five, six, seven, eights’.

Born To Boogie – Part 1

The Mordialloc Boogie-teacher, Megan, has taught my kids hip hop and acro for the past few years. Megan is encouraging, inspiring and highly reassuring. Apparently, she can teach even the most uncoordinated of people, (that’d be me), how to perform a routine. She’s even promised to help me find my inner diva but, until now, I’ve never had the guts to give it a go.

Why no guts?

Probably due to two left feet, lack of dance experience and a terrorizing fear of making a fool of myself in class, let alone on a stage. In front of people.

I’m petrified of being laughed at, and of letting people down. My kids’ ability to get out there and give ANYTHING a go constantly amazes me. They’ve been brought up with “C’mon guys, just try it! What’s the worst that can happen??’ But it’s not as easy to talk myself into ‘just do it’ when the little voice in my head is busy telling me all the awful, embarrassing things that could actually happen.

But, I’m turning 45 next month and I’m tired of that annoying little voice dictating to me. I’m over being scared of what might happen and I’m trying to embrace new challenges, so I’ve jumped in, left feet and all. EEK!

Please come along and share my journey over the next few weeks – I’m hoping it will be a hoot!

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Born to Boogie Series

A thirteen part series exploring Ruth's makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

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