Dancin’ the Decades!

The final post of a thirteen-part series exploring Ruth’s makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

Blinded by the spotlight, massive mirror ball sparkling, an expectant audience of three hundred people clapping and cheering. Glimpses of familiar faces, my heart racing, desperately praying I’d remember the choreography. WOW! Born to Boogie has to be one of the most exhilarating things I have ever experienced.

Show-day was an insane roller-coaster of emotion. I woke up with a jump, surfacing from a world of subconscious stage-fright. A nightmare where every little thing went awry, I dreamed I wore the wrong costume, missed my cue, then ran away, sobbing glittery tears and wailing about letting everyone down.

Nerves continued to assault me as I checked and double checked my costumes, packed my bag, showered and washed my hair. For over an hour, I practiced, practiced, practiced. Our group – now known as ‘Boots and Butts’ – was in constant contact. I think we needed the reassurance of knowing everyone else was feeling panicky too.

Once we arrived, we were ushered upstairs to a gorgeous function room complete with decadently cushioned couches, a functioning bar, (thank god), and the all-important toilet for those anxious pre-show visits.

Everyone set up camp and we spent the next few hours running through the show, playing hairdresser and taking advantage of the wonderfully talented make-up artists who helped us create our stage personas.

I’ve never worn false eyelashes but, at the insistence of Bec, one of the gorgeous make-up-ladies, I embraced my inner diva and spent the rest of the night fluttering those babies at everyone. There was glitter. So much glitter. So much fun.

Struttin’ our stuff

After all these weeks, I can finally share that our first number was These Boots are Made For Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra. Fab song, perfect for strutting our stuff! We had decided to follow Jessica Simpson’s lead (remember her?) and go for a fun costume of denim shorts, checked shirts, cowboy hats and boots. Of course, like any self-respecting diva, our hats were covered in colourful sequins – thank you $2 Shop, you rock!


 …. and BUTTS!


On stage euphoria

Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was our second song choice. Totally sexy! Megan dared us to channel our inner flirts and have fun with each other and the audience. It certainly worked, our adoring fans cheered and hollered while we blew them kisses and danced our butts off. I don’t think it would have mattered if we had all completely forgotten the choreography – we were enjoying ourselves and the crowd was happy.


One of the fun things about Born to Boogie is that you can invite friends and family, including kids, to the show. A bunch of my bestest gal-pals came along to have a giggle and support my shenanigans. I’m honoured and endlessly grateful to them for coming, (not to mention relieved I didn’t fall over, I’d never hear the end of it!) My eldest teen had a ‘gath’ to attend with his mates, but Mr Struth brought our other three to join in the fun. It was so awesome to share this experience with everyone; from all accounts, they loved being part of it.

Our adoring fans!

My children saw a different side of their mum on that stage. My husband told me how proud he was. My bestie asked to borrow my boots.

They all knew I was nervous, vulnerable and fighting for confidence. But they saw me overcome the anxiety and ‘just do it’. The kids were so proud; their beaming faces and post-dance hugs were the BEST!  No doubt, it will become part of our family folklore, a ‘remember when….’ moment to treasure.

Boogie Thoughts

Chatting the next day over an afternoon cuppa, Mr Struth asked what I thought of the experience. I’ve been mulling this over ever since.

You all know it was challenging, confronting and, at times, terrifying. It was also loads of fun, confidence-building and often hilarious. The positives far outweighed my nerves and episodes of self-doubt. But, for me, the most amazing, inspiring and uplifting part of this journey was sharing it with Megan and the other dancers in my class.

Each one of us has our own story, our reasons for doing this course. Some of us shared our thoughts, hopes and fears, some didn’t. But we all chose to do something outside of our comfort zone. We took a leap of faith to learn something new and challenge ourselves. And, in doing so, we created this fabulous opportunity to grow.

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say it wasn’t easy. Even the most confident person can doubt themselves when faced with an unknown situation. But we did it. Together.

Backstage, before our dances, we were all so nervous, completely stressed-out. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I was so scared. But we supported each other with words of encouragement, reassuring hugs, and quick practices when our panicky minds went blank.

On stage, we subtly reminded each other of the steps we tended to forget. We grinned and celebrated when we got it right; I even hollered a ‘Woo Hoo’ during ‘Boots’. At the end, we fell into each other’s arms, hugging and congratulating, totally overcome with relief and excitement.

Backstage support

Kim, Sarah, Gillian, Kristen, Gigi, Ally and Megan – thank you. Sparkly, sequined cowboy hats off to you all for signing up, doing the classes, supporting each other and achieving something that was so amazing, I can’t even put it into words.

I wish I could gift this feeling to every other person I know.

To my friends and readers, don’t stop dreaming. Be strong, be brave. Accept challenges and trust yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will love and support you, encouraging your growth and embracing who you truly are. You’ve got this!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Blurred Lines
The Boogie Gals
Pre-show craziness














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