Dance and Determination – a powerful combination

Post ten of a thirteen-part series exploring Ruth’s makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

All hail the two-hour rehearsal! The seven of us hired the studio for an extra hour this week, in the hope it would help us figure out this dancing stuff. In dance-speak, we used the time to ‘polish’ our dances. We ‘deconstructed’ some sections, ‘stepped’ through them without music, and practiced while facing away from the mirrors, so we remember the choreography without relying on each other.

I felt amazing by the end of the class. Everyone was smiling and high-fiving each other, excitedly organising a dress rehearsal for the following week. I think we were all feeling waaaay more positive than we were after the infamous ‘broken butt’ session last week.

I’m still nervous as hell, but I do feel slightly more confident about our final performance.

What’s changed? With two weeks to go, it’s becoming more real. There’s no turning back or giving up. We’ve put in the hard yards and we’re all relying on each other. On top of all this, the ticketing link has been shared on Facebook so it’s out there for the world to see.

That was hard for me. I haven’t told many people I was doing this, (scared of judgement, I guess), and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted people I know to come and watch. After much thought, I took the plunge this week and shared the link to the concert info on my personal fb page. So now all 500 of my closest friends know what I’ve been up to. Eek!

Why did I make it so public? Well, this is so far outside my comfort zone that I figured I may as well take it all the way. There’s no point doing it in a vacuum; whether I fly or fall, my family and a few good friends will be there to share the experience. It is making me nervous to have them there, but I can’t imagine how disappointing it would feel to not share such a huge milestone with the people who matter.

My daughters are beside themselves with excitement, desperate to be there to cheer me on. As Miss 11 said, ‘You’ve been at all our concerts and games, how could we not be there for yours?’ She’s got a point. Master 13 wasn’t as sure, but once I told him it was OK to laugh, (and he’d get to see the inside of a night club), he decided to join us. I’m hoping they, and my hubby, will feel proud, even as they wipe away the tears of hilarity.  The love and encouragement of my family will help bolster my confidence on the night. I’m glad they are coming.

I’ll leave you this week with a beautiful comment made by a friend in response to my self-deprecating invitation to come and watch me fall off the stage. Her words truly moved me, I will carry them in my heart.

‘I’m so proud of you. If you fall, we pick you up and tell you to breathe in the moment of awkward embarrassment. Know more people want to see you succeed than want to see you crumble… You will be amazing in all our eyes, lovely. It will be a defining moment for you. Try to look up and enjoy… xx’

Bless her.


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A thirteen part series exploring Ruth's makeover from dorky writer to disco diva

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